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Citizens Advice Ashfield

We are looking for skilled people to join our board to help us to grow and develop our service. Our Trustees provide strategic direction and play an active part in our development and growth.

Closing date for applications

Who we are

We are looking for skilled people to join our board to help us to grow and develop our service.
Our Trustees provide strategic direction and play an active part in our development and growth.

What will you be doing?
As a trustee you will play an active part in setting policy and strategic direction, defining targets, setting goals and evaluating performance.
You will ensure we are delivering a high quality service and monitor how well we are meeting the advice needs of the local community.

We have a number of exciting projects taking place over the next year and as a trustee you will be able to guide these projects and see them through to achieve positive outcomes.

One of our main challenges is to secure funding to ensure the future of our service. We are looking for our trustees to not only provide strategic direction, but help with innovation and vision for the future to make us stand out from the rest and demonstrate our value to the wider society.

Our trustees are critical, challenging and supportive and are happy to debate an issue to make sure we are fulfilling our mission and reflecting our values.
What are we looking for?

As a trustee you will bring your own unique skills and qualities and add these to the collective knowledge and experience of the board.

We are looking for people who:
• are willing to actively participate in our discussions
• are able to commit to the aims, principles and policies of Citizens Advice
• are willing to learn and develop
• are able to think strategically and creatively and exercise good
independent judgement
• are able to work effectively as a team

Each individual member of the trustee board brings skills and qualities to the board. They add to the collective knowledge and experience by providing:
• commitment and availability to attend bureau trustee board meetings
• effective communication skills and willingness to participate actively in
• willingness to gain knowledge of local needs and resources
• commitment to our aims, principles and policies, including those relating
to equal opportunities, independence and social policy
• willingness and ability to act in our best interest
• ability to understand and accept their responsibilities and liabilities as
trustees and employers
• willingness to participate in democratic process which develops our
policies by area and nationally
• numeracy to the extent required to understand our accounts with the
support of a treasurer
• willingness and ability to learn, and to develop and examine their own
• ability to think creatively and strategically, and exercise good,
independent judgement
• ability to work effectively as a member of a team.
What difference will you make?

People are struggling. Last year we helped over seven thousand people deal with over twelve thousand problems. They come to us when they are in extreme distress and facing situations they are unable to cope with and do not know what to do.

It is because of our trustees that we have a service to be proud of and are able to help these people, giving them the support they need to be able to resolve their problems.

Trustees make sure we have a service that complies with all legal and financial regulations and is meeting quality standards. They bring their individual knowledge, skills and experience to the board and work together to ensure we fulfil our ambitions.

What's in it for the volunteer?
As a trustee you will be making a real difference to someone’s life. You will face many challenges but will be rewarded by working with a highly talented team of people to find the solutions.

The post of trustee is a voluntary one but will provide you with a great deal of experience and satisfaction, the opportunity to develop your skills and utilise your expertise and knowledge.

The role

Skills and knowledge required for the role

  • Chg Mgmt
  • Digi
  • Div/Inc
  • Fin Mgmt
  • HS
  • HR
  • Org Dev

Additional information

Supporting documents

  • Trustee-Information-Pack-2019.pdf - Download
Closing date for applications

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

Trustees Unlimited believes that diverse boards strengthen society. We will strive to remove the barriers that prevent people from applying to become trustees and help our clients to recruit and support people with a wide range of skills and lived experience.

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