1. East of England Agricultural Society

Educational Trustee


The EEAS is to become a grant funding charity that promotes knowledge exchange, engagement and education about food, farming and the countryside in the East of England.

This role closed on
This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

Who we are

The East of England Agricultural Society promotes agriculture and rural life in the region.

The role

The overall role of our educational trustee is to be the trustee that maintains an overview of the organisation’s support to individuals, schools, colleges and universities to promote knowledge about and skills development in the food, farming and industries.

The EEAS currently needs to strengthen its board with an individual with knowledge and experience in education as they look to transition to a grant funding organisation. Working closely with the Chair, Chief Executive, Education Committee and Scholarship Committee.

A trustee is sought to advise on opportunities where the EEAS can fund activities to give the best charitable benefit and maximum impact to any outreach being funded.

In addition to the general responsibilities of a trustee, duties of the treasurer include the following:

  • Communicating the features and benefits of food and farm production to school children and also at secondary school age that this sector presents a wide ranging career option.
  • Structuring scholarship funding to individuals to support career development.
  • Assessing the educational benefit of project proposals and the outcome of those funded by the EEAS.
  • Identifying projects where EEAS funding could be beneficial in meeting educational objectives.
  • Preparing and presenting educational outcome reports to the board.
  • Liaising with any paid staff and volunteers about educational matters.
  • Advising on the educational implications of the organisation’s strategic plans.
  • Membership of the Education and Scholarship Committees to ensure the Society has the required systems and staff and that they operate effectively.

Person specification

In addition to the person specification for a trustee, the treasurer should have the following qualities:

  • Experienced professional educator.
  • An understanding and empathy to our sector including enthusiasm and communication skills to support the Society’s activities in education.
  • Experience of charity.
  • The skills to analyse proposals and examine their financial consequences.
  • Proven ability to communicate and explain financial information to members of the board and other stakeholders
  • Being prepared to make unpopular recommendations to the board.
  • A willingness to be available to staff for advice and enquiries on an ad hoc basis.

Supporting document(s)

This role closed on
This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

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