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Lifelong Family Links

We are currently calling for new trustees to help shape and assure the future excellence of provision. Lifelong Family Links is a charity supporting children and young people with special needs in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Closing date for applications

Who we are

Lifelong Family Links works in partnership with children, young people and adults with a disability, their carers, relatives and community-based service providers to deliver flexible services within the community designed to improve the lives of disabled people. We were established on 1982.

Our key aim is to ensure young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to live, learn and work within their local community, achieve sustained progression, resulting in better life outcomes disabled people achieve their full potential, to enjoy a rich and full individual and family life, and one in which they engage with, and contribute, to the local community.

This includes accessing voluntary and paid employment. We provide services which challenge the disadvantage and discrimination faced by disabled people, helping them develop skills that ensure a successful transition to adulthood and the maximisation of their personal and educational potential.

Our commitment is to ensure that the views of disabled people remain at the heart of our work and at the heart of others working with disabled people. We will do this by remaining financially strong, by recruiting, retaining and developing excellent staff and by providing strong leadership.

Our activities include running clubs and special sessions for disabled children and young people, including after school and Saturday clubs and holiday playschemes with specialist workshop activities, including music therapy, IT skills, sports and creative play. We provide assisted transport to encourage accessibility and we also work with service users’ families, organising family day trips and outings.

In addition, LFL provides 1:1 linking services and support for young people referred to us by social services. Our Lambeth activities are targeted towards improvements in young people’s wellbeing, developing their life skills and promoting employability. Since 2016, we have been running life and employment skills accreditation courses (ASDAN) and our student achievement levels are excellent. Most of our service users (over 90%) are from black and minority ethnic groups and they are all classifiable as low income families. We are increasingly focusing on supporting vulnerable young people and adults, including developing activities to prevent crime and radicalisation.

?In addition to our main programmes based in Lambeth, we have, since 2012, delivered befriending, mentoring and support services to vulnerable adults and young people in Southwark.

We are initially seeking for 4 new trustees who are passionate about diversity and excellence in special needs provision and committed to the furtherance of excellent Lifelong Family Links provision.

We are calling for committed people with a passion for special needs, Autism in particular with the following range of skills:

  • An experienced financial trustee able to hold leadership to account for effective business planning, financial modelling and budget management.


  • A National Leader of Governance or a charity trustee with excellent knowledge of the charity commission requirements with regards to SEND.


  • An experienced champion of children's wellbeing with a proven track record in upholding all aspects of safeguarding practice, policy and culture.


  • An experienced champion of equalities and special needs in education and disabilities with a proven track record upholding the rights of all children; a seasoned anti-discrimination campaigner able to hold organisation leaders to account for provision and practice.


  • An experience HR trustee able to hold leadership to account for effective recruitment, with Quick Decisions making ability, integrity, patience, has a formal authority, leadership, social responsibility and good communication skills.


All trustees should embody the Charity Governance Code.

The code develops seven principles – leadership; integrity; decision making, risk and control; board effectiveness; diversity; openness and accountability; all underpinning organisational purpose. Why these qualities matter should be self-evident. Many of them are also key drivers of trust and confidence, and can help to demonstrate to beneficiaries, funders and donors that a charity is trust worthy.

We have already have a number of Trustees on the board and would like to encourage interest, conversations and applications as soon as possible to ensure that we have a complete Board and sound strategic leadership. For further information, get in touch with M. Trenton via email [email protected]

Supporting documents

Closing date for applications

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

Trustees Unlimited believes that diverse boards strengthen society. We will strive to remove the barriers that prevent people from applying to become trustees and help our clients to recruit and support people with a wide range of skills and lived experience.

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