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Mesothelioma UK CIO

We are currently looking to complement our current Board of Trustees with people who have a clinical background in mesothelioma. We need trustees to provide leadership and support as we fulfil our mission and vision.

Closing date for applications

Who we are

Mesothelioma UK is a national specialist resource centre, specifically for the asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma. The charity is dedicated to providing specialist mesothelioma information, support and education, and to improving care and treatment for all UK mesothelioma patients and their carers.
The charity integrates into NHS front line services to ensure specialist mesothelioma nursing is available at the point of need. This is achieved through a growing network of specialist mesothelioma nurses, regionally based in NHS hospitals but funded by Mesothelioma UK.

The appointed Trustees will aid the current board. This may involve: 

• Scrutinising board papers 

• Leading discussions 

• Focusing on key issues 

• Providing guidance on new initiatives and long-term strategy

• Other issues in which the trustee has special expertise


Skills and experience 


·      A relevant clinical position diagnosing, treating and caring for patients with mesothelioma.

·      Analytical and evaluation skills, demonstrating good judgement.

·      Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.

·      Good communication and leadership skills

·      Dedicated to the organisation’s cause and objectives and willing to act as the charity’s ambassador to external bodies, charities and companies.

·      A team-oriented approach to problem solving and to management. 


The current Trustees of Mesothelioma UK have all found their roles extremely rewarding and have been proud to be a significant part of bringing the charity to its current and strong position. Mesothelioma UK has become an essential part of the mesothelioma community in the UK, developing services essential to those affected by the disease. We believe that whilst what has been achieved so far is impressive, there is so much more that could be done. New trustees would be in a strong position to support and influence the ambitious plans that are currently under development to take Mesothelioma UK to a new level of impact.   


Please see the Application Pack for details on the legal duties of a Trustee. 

Supporting documents

  • Mesothelioma-UK-Application-Pack-2022-Final.docx - Download
Closing date for applications

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

Trustees Unlimited believes that diverse boards strengthen society. We will strive to remove the barriers that prevent people from applying to become trustees and help our clients to recruit and support people with a wide range of skills and lived experience.

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