1. Number Champions

Trustee, Treasurer


Number Champions seeks a Treasurer to help lead our expansion over the next few years so that we can contribute to increasingly more young children achieving their educational potential.

This role closed on
This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

Who we are

We support primary school children in London state primary schools who have fallen behind in maths. Helping them overcome ‘the maths barrier’ can have a positive effect on their engagement with education as a whole.

Our volunteers work one-to-one with children in school time but outside the classroom to help them build their maths skills and confidence. Sessions are about 30 minutes weekly through the school year.

Our impact is to improve the educational and life chances of these children.

The role

Now in our sixth year, Number Champions has established strong
processes to manage volunteers in their deliver of maths support to children, has
working management structures, and is fully solvent. Our 3-year plan is to
continue to grow the number of children we support each year (from our current
300) while maintaining the quality of our delivery, and at the same time to execute
our succession plan for our founder trustees.

You will take a key role in this by delivering financial
plans and strategies aligned with our activities, and by overseeing a system of processes and controls
to ensure that we use our resources efficiently and effectively to deliver the
charity’s objectives.

Our staff team manages purchasing, sales invoicing, and
bookkeeping, and specific trustees are responsible for fundraising. You will
coordinate with these and oversee the financial management of the charity.

Specific duties of the Treasurer

  • oversee our system of
    financial control
  • review financial reporting
    to board meetings,
  • update each board meeting
    on the financial state of the charity and recommend financial decisions,
  • manage the cash position of
    the charity to ensure that it can cover expenditure,
  • provide expert support to
    our staff on financial management and control,
  • prepare annual accounts,
  • liaise with our Independent
    Examiner to have our accounts approved,
  • oversee budgeting and
    planning, and
  • although the role does not
    include responsibility for fundraising, assist the production of fundraising
    applications by supplying financial plans and other information.

In addition, you will have the general duties of a
trustee to ensure that the charity pursues its objects and complies with all
legal obligations. These duties are listed in the attached role specification.

Skills and experience required

Ø a professional accountancy qualification,

Ø commitment to the mission of Number

Ø willingness to meet the time requirement,

Ø integrity,

Ø strategic vision,

Ø good, independent judgement,

Ø ability to think creatively,

Ø willingness to speak your mind,

Ø acceptance of the legal duties,
responsibilities, and liabilities of being a trustee (we will supply training
on this), and

Ø ability to collaborate successfully as
a member of a team and to take decisions for the good of the charity.


As Treasurer you will play a key role in securing the
medium-term viability and the longer-term sustainability of Number Champions.
As one of our trustees, you will also contribute to the overall management and
development of the charity.

Numeracy, like literacy, is a vital skill for life, and
children who fall behind risk never achieving their potential. The positive
impact of support from Number Champions in maths can encourage the child across
his or her whole engagement with education.

You will thus support improved educational opportunity for
hundreds and ultimately thousands of children each year.

Supporting document(s)

  • 231010-trustee-role-specification-treasurer.pdf - Download
This role closed on
This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

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