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Quality of Life Foundation Trustee with Financial Expertise (voluntary position)


The Quality of Life Foundation is looking for a new Trustee with financial expertise to join our existing board.
We are a growing and impactful organisation that is bridging the gap between health and wellbeing and the built environment.

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This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

Who we are

The Quality of Life Foundation helps local communities, professionals and policy makers to plan, design, create and care for homes and neighbourhoods in ways that will benefit people’s health and wellbeing in the long term. We carry out independent research, engage communities, share evidence, and support organisations to implement best practice in their work. We do this because having a decent, affordable home in a safe, well-designed neighbourhood is the foundation of a happy, healthy life.

The role


The Quality of Life Foundation

The Quality of Life Foundation was established in 2019 by Prof. Sadie Morgan OBE. Its vision is for a housing system that improves people’s quality of life in their homes and neighbourhoods over the long term. Our activities include research, thought leadership, training and strategy development, based on the organisation’s Quality of Life Framework. Working with organisations in the public, private and third sectors, we are instigating practical projects to support more long-term thinking in industry and government. We are a small but influential organisation and have ambitious plans for growth over the coming years. We were formally registered as a charity in 2022 and operate a wholly-owned commercial trading subsidiary.

The Role

The role of the Trustees is to set the organisation’s strategic direction, monitor the delivery of its objectives, and uphold its values and governance. The board will also guide, advise and support the Chair, who leads the delivery team towards achieving the Foundation’s vision and purpose. For this role, we are specifically looking for someone with a finance background and existing or previous experience in charity finance and governance to work with existing trustees to oversee the financial matters of the charity in line with good practice and the legal obligations of the Charities Act. The appointed trustee will sit on the Finance, Governance and Risk sub-committee and work with the Foundation’s Director and other trustees to update the board at regular intervals about the financial position of the Quality of Life Foundation and its trading subsidiary, QOLF Trading Ltd. NB all trustees are jointly and severally responsible for the administration of the charity.

Key responsibilities of the trustee include:

● Overseeing the creation and implementation of the Quality of Life Foundation’s strategy and business plan.
● Ensuring that the Foundation complies with all legal, regulatory and charitable requirements.
● Ensuring that the Foundation’s governance and performance is of the highest possible standard.
● Representing the Foundation at external events and sharing its aims and achievements with a wide variety of stakeholders to further establish its profile.
● Working in partnership with other Trustees and the Chair.

● Supporting the Director and board to oversee the financial matters of the charity, and to ensure appropriate presentation of budgets, accounts, management accounts and financial statements.
● Ensuring that financial resources are spent in accordance with the Charity’s objectives, good governance, legal and regulatory requirements.

Main duties:
In addition to the general duties of a trustee, your time will be spent:
● Liaising with the Director and/or Business Manager and supporting on financial matters.
● Supporting the board to monitor the financial viability of the Quality of Life Foundation and its trading subsidiary, QOLF Trading Ltd.
● Creating, in conjunction with relevant senior staff, a set of sound financial processes and procedures for the control of the charity’s assets.
● Advising on the financial implications of the Quality of Life Foundation’s Strategic Plan.
● Reviewing the annual accounts and, where applicable, liaising with the Foundation’s external accountants to ensure the accounts are compliant with the current Charities’ statement of recommended practice (SORP).
● Ensuring that sound financial management is maintained and ensuring expenditure is in line with the Foundation’s charitable objectives.


You are a leading professional in your industry with the time and commitment to help accelerate our growth and impact. You will be able to demonstrate:

● A commitment to the Quality of Life Foundation’s mission and vision.

● Knowledge and understanding of current financial practice relevant to charities and relevant duties under the Charities Act.
● Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties and responsibilities of trusteeship.

Strategic Leadership:
● An ability to quickly understand, explore and resolve strategic issues, and to set and prioritise objectives.
● An ability to make your views known and make decisions in a group environment and in line with strategic objectives.
● Integrity and good independent judgement.
● Agility and the ability to think creatively.

● Confidence in persuading and in communicating clearly and sensitively.
● Ability to listen intently, carefully and objectively.
● Ability to convey ideas, information and opinions clearly and concisely including apreparedness to make unpopular recommendations to the Board.

● An ability to work effectively as a member of a team and to make decisions for the good of the Foundation.
● Support of the Chair, fellow board members and the Director.
● An ability to challenge the views of others appropriately.

Trustees should also have a good network and be able to combine various specialisms, with an understanding or appreciation of issues around design quality or health and wellbeing. We are committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive board, containing a broad range of skills, experience and backgrounds.

The board meets formally four to six times per year. In addition, you will be expected to join the Finance, Governance and Risk sub-committee of the board and to represent the Foundation at external events. Board meetings are held online and once a year at a location in central London. They are generally held midweek during the working day. Trustees report to the Chair of the board. The position is unpaid, but reasonable expenses will be covered.

How to Apply
Please send a CV and covering letter to mail@qolf.org using the subject ‘QoLF Board Application’. Your covering letter should outline your experience, why you would be suited for the role and why you want to join the Quality of Life Foundation board.

If you require further information, or would like an informal conversation about the role, please contact Matthew Morgan, Director, at matthew@qolf.org / 07773 783399, or Jonny Anstead, Chair, at jonny@wearetown.co.uk / 07500 335315.

Applications will be considered by the Chair and Trustees of the Quality of Life Foundation. Suitable candidates will be invited to interview.

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This role closed on
This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

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