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It’s an exciting time to join us as we embark on a new chapter post Covid and during a time of instability, with the cost-of-living & energy crisis. We want to recruit new Trustees to broaden our skills and knowledge base to help meet these challenges face on.

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This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

Who we are

We offer Domestic Abuse change programmes for male and female perpetrators, are a NACCC accredited Supervised Child Contact Centre and offer counselling to individuals, couples and young people. We aim to provide services to people of all backgrounds, genders and sexualities at all stages of life. Whilst we are part of the Relate federation, we are an independent dynamic local charity covering rural Dorset, South Wiltshire and South Somerset.

The role

​Role of the Board at Relate Dorset & South Wilts

· To ensure the fulfilment of the Charity’s purposes

· To set the direction for the Charity

· To have ultimate responsibility for the work of the Charity

· To balance the books

· To ensure the proper use of charitable money and compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements

· To assess the risks facing the organisation and to manage the response to them

· To check progress and performance.

Duties of Board Members

· To seek to further the strategic objectives of the organisation and to act in its best interests at all times

· To contribute to setting policy and strategic direction, business plans, budgets etc, and to ensure that such plans are in keeping with the Charity’s aims

· To provide advice and guidance in subject areas where the Trustee has particular expertise or particular responsibility within the Board

· To attend, prepare for and take a full part in meetings of the Board

· To exercise prudence and care in respect of all the affairs of the Charity and to fulfil the fiduciary duty vested in Trustees, undertaking the duties in a way that adds to public confidence and trust in the Charity

· To monitor and evaluate the progress of the organisation against its strategic aims, objectives and financial targets

· To monitor regularly the context and operating environment in which Relate works and to address emerging issues that may impact on strategy, implementation of plans or reputation with key stakeholders

· To undertake an induction upon appointment, and ongoing training and periodic appraisal, to remain alert to, and aware of, Trustees’ duties and responsibilities and of the regulatory environment – financial, charitable, health and safety, data protection etc – in which the Charity operates

· To meet other requirements of Trustees and directors relating to such matters as declaration of conflicts of interest, maintaining confidentiality, approving annual reports and returns, and risk management

· To maintain good communications and working relationships with the other Trustees and to abide by and support the collective decisions made by the Board

· To take ultimate responsibility for the management and administration of the Charity, employ and supervise a Chief Executive and delegate to him/her the day to day management of the organisation and implementation of the strategy

· To act as an ambassador for the Charity.

Additional Duties for Treasurer

· To provide leadership to the Board and the Charity in all areas of finance.

· To take on additional tasks as required including (but not limited to): oversight of financial performance reports; oversight of the annual accounts and their recommendation to the Board/AGM; oversight of the annual budget and its recommendation to the Board.

Person Specification


· An understanding of the role and responsibilities of boards of charities and companies, and of individual Trustees and Directors.

· Able to contribute to setting the strategic direction and objectives of the Charity, and its budget, and to monitor performance towards achievement of the objectives and budget.

· Able to work in accordance with the usual protocols of meetings – agendas, minutes, reports, decision-making etc.

· Able to participate constructively as a member of a meeting, contributing good and independent judgment, willing to speak one’s own mind, and also hearing and considering the contributions of others, and assisting the Board to arrive at lawful, responsible, competent and well-judged decisions in pursuance of the objectives of the Charity.

· Willingness to participate in appropriate induction, training and development, and collective and individual appraisal processes.

· Willingness to act according to high ethical standards, and to identify, understand and manage conflicts of interest and loyalty.

· Experience of particular areas not (or under-) represented on the Board at present.


· Knowledge of the type of work undertaken by the organisation.

· Prior experience as a Trustee or a wider involvement with the voluntary sector.

· Additional for Treasurer: Expertise in finance, accountancy or legal services in the private, public or charitable sectors.

Time Commitment

· The Board meets every six weeks in person.

· The Treasurer is also expected to attend budget setting meetings.

· You will be invited to attend occasional internal events / away days.

Supporting document(s)

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This role closed on
This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

Trustees Unlimited believes that diverse boards strengthen society. We will strive to remove the barriers that prevent people from applying to become trustees and help our clients to recruit and support people with a wide range of skills and lived experience.

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