Sunflowers Suicide Support

We are looking for a Volunteer Treasurer to join our Board of Trustees. We estimate it will be approximately 10 hours a month of your time.

Closing date for applications

Who we are

the number of people who take their own lives. The Charity was set up in memory of Pete Morris who took his own life in September 2016 to be the small ray of light in the darkness.

Sunflowers offers others comfort and advice that is so desperately needed after a suspected suicide loss to reduce feelings of isolation in their grief.

One of our objectives is to improve the mental wellbeing of those bereaved through provision of counselling and bereavement support services and events. We also enable people to share their experiences and gain support from each other through their own complex loss.

Our second objective is to advance the knowledge and education to our community and professionals in all areas relating to suicide prevention, intervention and bereavement.

In order to meet these objectives we work with local organisations and bodies to promote good mental health and try to inspire excellence to achieve transformed, integrated services. We are members of the Gloucestershire Suicide Prevention Forum and the National Suicide Prevention Alliance. This enables us to have up-to-date insight and research into suicide statistics, as well as ensuring that we are working to both national and local suicide prevention strategies.

Sunflowers offer training in suicide intervention to the wider community. This helps participants identify suicide risks and enables them to respond to suicidal behaviour, activating a plan for immediate safety. We use our personal experience of suicide bereavement to deliver presentations sharing our story and the learning points, which inspire others to work together to prevent further suicides. Previous work has included learning sessions for GP localities.

Our events and campaign’s main aims are to help others within our community to feel less isolated and alone. Our Hope Notes and Kindness Rocks aim to uplift and encourage others. We believe that everyone can play a small part in connecting with and helping others to feel less alone.

Sunflowers also support any person living in Gloucestershire that has been bereaved by suicide and work to provide timely practical care and the best possible support to them, including when necessary signposting to additional professional support. We are members of the Support After Suicide Partnership, a national collaboration to ensure best practice when supporting persons bereaved by suicide. We work in accordance with our local suicide prevention strategy which will be redeveloped this year in line with new national strategies.

Our support services include a support pack which is delivered by Gloucestershire Constabulary upon delivering a death message. We provide practical advice and support when we meet the bereaved family. We offer a weekly walking group to get outside together to walk and talk. We offer special events throughout the year that bring people bereaved by suicide together to acknowledge their grief and remember their loved ones alongside each other. These events are open to adults and children to ensure that children are involved in and part of the grieving with the rest of their family as they are so often forgotten. We have trained three Grief Recovery Specialists with Grief Recovery Method which we now offer as peer support. We run a support group which is facilitated by a Registered and Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy to provide professional support to those attending. We also offer support to children and their families who are bereaved through our family support work which is delivered by a trained suicide bereavement practitioner.

Treasurer on the Board of Trustees: Job Specification Background   Salary:                                   Unpaid. The role of Treasurer is not accompanied by any financial remuneration, although expenses incurred while travelling to meetings with be reimbursed  

Location:                              Gloucestershire


Time commitment:           At least 6 board meetings per year. Trustees are also invited to attend the volunteer update meetings which take place quarterly and also represent the Charity at various events and meetings with key stakeholders. As Treasurer there will also be commitment to acting as the point of contact for all finance related matters

  Sunflowers Suicide Support was set up in memory of Pete Morris who died by suicide in 2016. It was founded by Pete’s family and they run the day to day operations of the Charity. Sunflowers is a fast growing Charity offering support to people bereaved by suicide. Sunflowers strives to ensure that we work in line with local and national suicide prevention strategies and best practice. Sunflowers also works to prevent suicide by delivering intervention and awareness training and through various campaigns throughout the year.   Who are the charity’s trustees   The Charities Act 1993 defines charity trustees as those responsible under the charity's governing document for controlling the administration and management of the charity. This is the case regardless of the terminology used to describe the role.   For Sunflowers the trustee board comprises: ·         the chair ·         the treasurer ·         the secretary ·         up to seven appointed trustees   The trustee board appoints a vice chair from among the trustees.   Job Description  

Reporting to                        Board of Trustees (Executive Committee)

  Duties of the board of trustees  

Ensure your charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit

You and your co-trustees must make sure that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up, and no other purpose.


This means you should:

  • ensure you understand the charity’s purposes as set out in its governing document
  • plan what your charity will do, and what you want it to achieve
  • be able to explain how all of the charity’s activities are intended to further or support its purposes
  • understand how the charity benefits the public by carrying out its purposes

·         Comply with your charity’s governing document and the law


You and your co-trustees must:

·         make sure that the charity complies with its governing document

·         comply with charity law requirements and other laws that apply to your charity


Act in your charity’s best interests

You must:

·         do what you and your co-trustees (and no one else) decide will best enable the charity to carry out its purposes

·         with your co-trustees, make balanced and adequately informed decisions, thinking about the long term as well as the short term

·         avoid putting yourself in a position where your duty to your charity conflicts with your personal interests or loyalty to any other person or body

·         not receive any benefit from the charity unless it is properly authorised and is clearly in the charity’s interests; this also includes anyone who is financially connected to you, such as a partner, dependent child or business partner


Manage your charity’s resources responsibly

You must act responsibly, reasonably and honestly. This is sometimes called the duty of prudence. Prudence is about exercising sound judgement.


You and your co-trustees must:

·         make sure the charity’s assets are only used to support or carry out its purposes

·         not take inappropriate risks with the charity’s assets or reputation

·         not over-commit the charity

·         take special care when investing or borrowing

·         comply with any restrictions on spending funds


Act with reasonable care and skill

As someone responsible for governing a charity, you:

·         must use reasonable care and skill, making use of your skills and experience and taking appropriate advice when necessary

·         should give enough time, thought and energy to your role, for example by preparing for, attending and actively participating in all trustees’ meetings


Ensure your charity is accountable

You and your co-trustees must comply with statutory accounting and reporting requirements.


You should also:

·         be able to demonstrate that your charity is complying with the law, well run and effective

·         ensure appropriate accountability to members, if your charity has a membership separate from the trustees

·         ensure accountability within the charity, particularly where you delegate responsibility for particular tasks or decisions to staff or volunteers


Principal responsibilities


Financial Leadership

·         Receiving and reporting to the Trustee Board on budgets, accounts and financial statements.

·         Assuring that:

a.   the financial resources of Sunflowers meet its present and future needs

b.   the Charity has appropriate policies for reserves and investments

c.   appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place

d.   the accounts are prepared and audited in the requisite manner and advising the Trustee Board if they cannot give such assurances

·         Liaising with the Finance Officers and Charity Coordinator about financial matters

·         Advising the Trustee Board (approx. 6 times a year) on the financial implications of the organisation's strategies and proposed policies.

·         Keeping the Trustee board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities

·         Presenting the accounts at the AGM drawing attention to important points in a coherent and easily understandable way

·         Advising on the financial implications of Sunflowers strategic plans

·         Ensuring that there is no conflict between any investment held and the aims and objects of the charity

·         Monitoring Sunflowers investment activity and ensuring its consistency with our policies and legal responsibilities

·         Ensuring Sunflowers compliance with legislation

·         Ensuring that the accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by funders and the relevant statutory bodies, e.g. The Charity Commission and Companies House



·          Ensure that the governance arrangements are working in the most effective way for the Charity

·          Develop the knowledge and capability of the Board of Trustees

·          Encourage positive change where appropriate

·          Address and resolve any conflicts

·          Work within any agreed policies adopted by the charity


External Relations

·          Act as an ambassador for the cause and the Charity

·          Act as a spokesperson for the organisation when appropriate

·          Represent the charity at external functions, meetings and events

·          Facilitate change and address any potential conflict with external stakeholders


Efficiency and effectiveness

·          Ensure that decisions are taken in the best, long-term interests of the Charity and that the Board takes collective ownership

·          Foster, maintain and ensure that constructive relationships exist with and between the Trustees


Relationship with the Charity Coordinator and the wider management team

·          Establish and build a strong, effective and a constructive working relationship with Charity Coordinator, ensuring s/he is held to account for achieving agreed strategic objectives

·          Support the Charity Coordinator on finance related matters


Minimum time commitment


The role of Treasurer for Sunflowers will involve commitment and dedication. It is important that Trustees have the capacity and capability to offer the input needed to ensure the Charity runs efficiently.


  • Trustees are expected to attend an induction session prior to their first board meeting.


  • Trustees are expected to attend all board meetings. Board meetings are held six times a year usually outside of normal working hours.


  • Trustees may be asked to join one of Sunflowers committees to monitor and feedback to the Board


  • Where possible, papers are distributed one week in advance of meetings.


  • Trustees can claim out of pocket expenses incurred in travelling to meetings. Job description


Person Specification


Each trustee must have: ·         a commitment to the mission of Sunflowers ·         a willingness to meet the minimum time requirement ·         integrity ·         strategic vision ·         good, independent judgement ·         an ability to think creatively ·         a willingness to speak their mind but also take on and have understanding of views that may conflict with their own ·         an understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship ·         an ability to work effectively as a member of a team and to take decisions for the good of Sunflowers.   The board of trustees collectively needs skills and experience in the following areas: ·         financial management, income generation and enterprise ·         public policy and public affairs ·         national and local voluntary sector ·         national and local government and statutory bodies ·         digital strategy ·         trading subsidiaries and social enterprise ·         human resource management ·         volunteering management and brokerage ·         funding/foundations · collaborative partnerships ·         social investment and impact   Personal Qualities for Treasurer

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skill
  • Well-organised and reliable
  • Excellent leadership and decision-making abilities


Experience The following are considered relevant previous experience to the role.  No one item is essential and the list is not exhaustive:

  • Proven experience as treasurer or in a relevant financial role
  • Thorough knowledge of financial legislation, regulation and practices
  • Knowledge of monetary market, investment management and financing techniques
  • Working knowledge of MS Office and financial management software (XERO etc.)
  • Good with numbers and figures
  • BSc/MSc in finance, accounting or relevant field
  • Experience of working within a private business, charity setting or similar
  • Experience of operating at a senior strategic leadership level within an organisation
  • Successful track record of achievement throughout their career
  • Experience of charity governance and working with or as part of a board of trustees
  • Experience of external representation, delivering presentations and managing stakeholders

  Knowledge and skills

·          Broad knowledge and understanding of the Civil Society (charity) sector and current issues affecting it

·          Strong leadership skills, ability to motivate staff and volunteers and bring people together

·          Financial management expertise and a broad understanding of charity finance issues

·          Good understanding of charity governance issues





·         The Charity’s board members will serve a two-year term and will be eligible for re-appointment at the end of two-year term.

·         Appointment is subject to a probation period of 3 months whereby both parties are given the opportunity to assess the suitability for the role.

·         After completion of probation, a notice period of 3 months is required to terminate the role of Treasurer.  This ensures that Sunflowers has time to appoint a suitable replacement.

Supporting documents

  • 3.-Fo-Trustee-Application-T-04_2021-v1-11.docx - Download
Closing date for applications

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