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Upbeat Communities are recruiting for new trustees to support the growth and development of the charity. Our trustees play a vital role in making sure that Upbeat Communities achieves its core purpose: to help connect refugees into community.

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This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

Who we are

Upbeat Communities was founded in response to the needs of refugees arriving in the UK and the stories they shared of their lives and their journeys. Through building relationships with those from refugee communities we were able to identify their needs and the best ways to respond. We believe that making those who are fleeing war, persecution, and conflict feel welcome will give the best possible chance of integration, support and opportunities to rebuild their lives.

The role

​Our trustees play a vital role in making sure that Upbeat Communities achieves its core purpose. They oversee the overall management and administration of the charity, and they also ensure we have a clear strategy and that our work and goals are in line with our vision. Just as importantly, they support and challenge the leadership team to enable Upbeat Communities to grow and thrive, and through this, empower refugees to thrive.

Through regular meetings, strategy days and written reports provided to the board, trustees are able to set the direction of the organisation, develop its strategic objectives and support and keep the staff team accountable in delivering on these strategic goals.

Trustee meetings are currently held every 2 months either in person in Derby or online (hybrid). We have an annual strategy away day (the next one planned for Feb 2024) and trustees are also invited to be part of our sub-committees.

Trustees are requested to be available to attend occasional ‘unscheduled’ meetings or engage in email communications which address urgent business as it arises, join working groups when needed and spend time preparing for meetings by reading and considering the papers circulated before meetings.

​In addition to recruiting for trustees, we are looking for independent directors of our trading subsidiary, Upbeat Enterprises Limited. This voluntary, unpaid position is very similar to that of a trustee, however the scope of the role only relates to the trading subsidiary, and the oversight of its trading activities (which is currently our commercial cleaning social enterprise). Meetings for the trading subsidiary run on a slightly different schedule to trustee meetings.

Skills and experience are very important to us, but character and values are whatwe believe makes for a good trustee. We are looking for people to join our boardwho:

  • Are committed to see asylum seekers and refugees thrive
  • Show compassion towards those forcibly displaced and needing to rebuild theirlives in the UK
  • Are committed to Upbeat Communities’ ethos, vision, mission and values
  • Believe in empowerment and seeing individuals supported to achieve their self-determined goals and aspirations
  • Recognise the role charities and social enterprises play in bringing aboutpositive change in local communities
  • Value integrity and honesty and working to the highest standards
  • Able to work well in a team
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Are willing to give their time and skills in order to see the charity develop
  • Will commit to attending trustee meetings and ensure they are prepared forevery meeting
  • Can thinking strategically
  • Have good, independent judgement
  • Willing to learn, accept and understand the legal duties and responsibilities ofbeing a trustee
  • Have an understanding of, or a willingness to understand, the strategic, policyand political environments that affect and influence our work

We are particularly looking for individuals with the following skills/experience listedbelow, however we welcome applications from anyone who feels they could addvalue to our board of trustees:

  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Strategic Finance or Accounting
  • Business Growth
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR and Communications
  • LegalCharity leadership (staff or trustee)
  • Fundraising & Income Generation
  • Lived experience of the asylum/ refugee resettlement/ immigration system
  • Learned experience the asylum/ refugee resettlement/ immigration systemEquality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Facilities Management (specifically to support our commercial cleaning socialenterprise)

Supporting document(s)

  • trustee-recruitment-pack-compressed.pdf - Download
This role closed on
This role has expired. To find more trustee roles, take a look at our current opportunities

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

Trustees Unlimited believes that diverse boards strengthen society. We will strive to remove the barriers that prevent people from applying to become trustees and help our clients to recruit and support people with a wide range of skills and lived experience.

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