Trustees Unlimited encourages women to become trustees to advance in the workplace

Trustees Unlimited is calling on women to become charity trustees to advance their careers and gain new skills and experiences. The Charity Commission’s ‘Taken on Trust’ report 2017 highlights there are 700,000 charity trustees in the UK and two-thirds are male. Trustees Unlimited is keen to change this and is encouraging more women to join charity boards.

Sophie Livingstone, Managing Director at Trustees Unlimited, says “Getting more women on charity boards can help charities improve their diversity and promote better decision making. Women also benefit from learning new skills, widening their networks and getting boardroom experience earlier on than they might in their careers.

“It’s also an opportunity for women to contribute to society and use their business skills in a new environment. We’re finding more professional women are choosing to become charity trustees to enhance their careers, and for their own personal development and to improve their life skills.”

Written by Jenny O’Donnell on

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

Trustees Unlimited believes that diverse boards strengthen society. We will strive to remove the barriers that prevent people from applying to become trustees and help our clients to recruit and support people with a wide range of skills and lived experience.

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