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Safeguarding Lead


Our Charity is looking to recruit a Trustee with experience of Safeguarding, who will become our Safeguarding Lead. Championing Safeguarding throughout the Charity

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Who we are

The British Asian Christian Association (BACA) was born from a single event – in the ashes of churches and homes razed to the ground by a horde of Islamist thugs who persecuted Pakistani followers of Jesus Christ. It happened in the city of Gojra on August 1st 2009 when a married Christian couple were wrongly accused of using torn shreds of the Koran as confetti at their wedding. This incident pinpointed the need for a body such as the BACA to highlight ongoing abuse of Christians in Pakistan

The role


In addition to wider responsibilities as a Trustee, the lead Trustee for Safeguarding will take on three main responsibilities which are; Strategic, Effective Policy and Practice and Creating the Right Culture.

Creating the Right Culture, The Safeguarding Lead will:

  • Champion safeguarding throughout the Charity.
  • Attend relevant safeguarding training events and conferences.
  • Support the trustees in developing their individual and collective understanding of safeguarding.
  • Attend meetings, activities, projects to engage with staff, volunteers and beneficiaries to understand safeguarding on the ground.
  • Work with the Chair, designated safeguarding lead and communications team in order to manage all serious safeguarding cases.
  • Support regular safeguarding updates for staff, volunteers and beneficiaries.
  • Make sure you have ways of gathering the views of staff and volunteers in relation to safeguarding and sharing these with the board of Trustees.

Strategic, The Safeguarding Lead will:

  • Consider the Charity’s strategic plans and make sure they reflect safeguarding legislation, regulations specific to your activities, statutory guidance, and the safeguarding expectations of the Charities Commission.
  • Work with the Chair and designated safeguarding lead regularly to review whether the things the organisation has put in place are creating a safer culture and keeping people safe.
  • Check the Charity’s risk register reflects safeguarding risks properly and plans sensible measures to take, including relevant insurance for trustees liability.
  • Make sure there is space on the agenda for safeguarding reports and help trustees understand and challenge those reports.

Effective Policy and Practice, The Safeguarding Lead will:

  • Make sure there is an annual review of safeguarding policies and procedures and that this is reported to trustees.
  • Understand the monitoring the charity does to see whether policies and procedures are effective.
  • Call for audits of qualitative and quantitative data (either internal or external) when they’re needed.
  • Learn from case reviews locally and nationally, to improve the Charity’s policies, procedures and practices.
  • Oversee safeguarding allegations against staff or volunteers, together with Chair and designated safeguarding lead.
  • Be a point of contact for staff or volunteers if someone wishes to complain about a lack of action in relation to safeguarding concerns.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to build effective working relationships with staff and others.
  • Ability to advise and support individuals at all levels within the Charity.
  • Act with integrity and respect when working with others.
  • Administration management skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Influencing skills.
  • Ability to work with conflict and emotionally distressing matters.
  • Ability to produce and develop guidance and resources.


  • The role voluntary organisations have in safeguarding.
  • Types of abuse and harm.
  • Legislation, government guidance and national frameworks for safeguarding children and adults at risk.
  • Role and responsibilities of local key safeguarding agencies, including social services and the police.
  • Local social services processes for the assessment and referral of safeguarding concerns.
Closing date for applications

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

Trustees Unlimited believes that diverse boards strengthen society. We will strive to remove the barriers that prevent people from applying to become trustees and help our clients to recruit and support people with a wide range of skills and lived experience.

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